Permanent Drift


John Waller and Jeanette Wintjen started Permanent Drift in 2012 as an outlet for the work resulting from their mutual interest in photography, print making, and books.  Originally located in Philadelphia, they moved their humble studio and two cats to Holyoke, MA in 2015.

Permanent Drift: New Releases by John Waller available at Gravy Studio – July 28

A pop up event at Gravy Studio in support of 2 new publications by photographer John Waller; A Chance That Nothing Will Happen, a micro-editioned hardcover book based on a series of photographs made while walking the course of the Cohocksink Creek, and Remind Me Tomorrow, Forever 1 –  6, photographs considering everyday subjects,  impermanence, and the spontaneous connections made through life with a camera.  Books, zines, and prints in a variety of sizes to fit all budgets will available at Gravy Studio, 910 N 2nd St. July 28 – 30.

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The Flâneur, Psychogeography and Drift Photography -

For an artist, the spectacular disruption afforded by wandering the city is a great place to begin contemplating one’s relationship to society-at-large. In this article from, Christopher Luessen offers his perspective on drift photography, an integration of psychogeography and documentary photography

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Jordan Baumgarten: Slow Blink Open Mouth

Slow Blink Open Mouth is a glimpse into the rampant chaos and lawlessness present in a place with no oversight. With that apparent lawlessness, chaos is inevitable; that chaos is now evident, with the city of Philadelphia in the grip of the opioid crisis. In this world, private moments are public, animals and humans roam free, fueled by id, and always, somewhere, there is a fire burning. My neighborhood, Kensington, happens to be the nexus for those in and around Philadelphia seeking heroin, and all that it entails.

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Call for Entries!

We are proud to be collaborating with Empty Stretch and Gravy Studio to create a series of bespoke zines which will debut on December 4th 2015 at Gravy Studio in Philadelphia. The idea is to create and share a pool of images submitted by you, our friends and followers! When the submissions are done, we will put up a gallery/checkout where anyone can create a made-to-order zine for 6 bucks. All proceeds go to Gravy Studio.

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TV Rots Your Brains

Taking a fun poke at pop culture, both current and vintage, is the jumping off point for this trunk show curated by Rainbow Alternative. Shop, sip and soak up the cool vibes for a Sunday afternoon of local, handcrafted and one of a kind items from 9 of the city's most exciting creators. This event is part of the Philadelphia Collection, a citywide celebration of fashion and design.

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