Permanent Drift


John Waller and Jeanette Wintjen started Permanent Drift in 2012 as an outlet for the work resulting from their mutual interest in photography, print making, and books.  Originally located in Philadelphia, they moved their humble studio and two cats to Holyoke, MA in 2015.

"Provoke: Between Protest and Performance" Giveaway by A/Fixed - 3 Signed Copies!

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If you haven't picked up a free copy of A/Fixed yet, now is a good time to do it because they're giving away 3 signed copies of "Provoke: Between Protest And Performance", a must-have for fans of Japanese photography.

Here's some more about the tabloid:

Consider an image that is missing pixels: the general idea is conveyed, but crucial components are left out. These pixel-raided images are the same as photographic history: language gaps and cultural borders skew the universal message of photography and its fascinating heritage. A/fixed fills in those missing pixels by bringing the images created by Japanese artists and the stories behind them to a Western audience in an exciting English language publication. Each stunning bi-annual print edition focuses on a specific topic in Japanese photography that, over time, will illuminate the entire history of the field.