Permanent Drift


John Waller and Jeanette Wintjen started Permanent Drift in 2012 as an outlet for the work resulting from their mutual interest in photography, print making, and books.  Originally located in Philadelphia, they moved their humble studio and two cats to Holyoke, MA in 2015.

Jordan Baumgarten: Slow Blink Open Mouth

Please consider purchasing a print from Jordan Baumgarten, who is currently fundraising to cover publishing costs of his latest photography book, Slow Blink Open Mouth, soon to be published by GOST. Jordan has been a friend and inspiration over the years, and this is a great way to show your support for the arts in a direct, tangible way.

From Jordan:

Slow Blink Open Mouth is a glimpse into the rampant chaos and lawlessness present in a place with no oversight. With that apparent lawlessness, chaos is inevitable; that chaos is now evident, with the city of Philadelphia in the grip of the opioid crisis. In this world, private moments are public, animals and humans roam free, fueled by id, and always, somewhere, there is a fire burning. My neighborhood, Kensington, happens to be the nexus for those in and around Philadelphia seeking heroin, and all that it entails.

The title Slow Blink Open Mouth comes from the pictograph illustrating “severe pain” in hospital universal pain assessment tools. I discovered this while in the hospital after someone stuck me with a used heroin needle during my work on this project. The title is also meant to convey being stoned or astonished, as well as the feelings of bliss and ecstasy. At its core, the project is about the opioid epidemic and its supporting addiction-based economy. While all the photographs were made in Philadelphia, the project is not about that specific place. Rather, the city serves as a microcosm to discuss issues tearing apart the fabric of our social landscape.

I ask that you consider the following in an effort to support my work:

Portfolio of prints from the project + copy of the book: edition of 3 - $5,000 each
Special Edition Book with 5 8x10 prints: edition of 10 - $1,000 each
16x20 print + copy off the book: edition of 5 - $800 each

If you’re interested, please check out Slow Blink Open Mouth on my website to choose a photo or photos you would like.