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CYOZ - Gravy Studio

We are proud to be collaborating with Empty Stretch and Gravy Studio to create a series of bespoke zines which will debut on December 4th 2015 at Gravy Studio in Philadelphia. The idea is to create a zine derived from a pool of images submitted by you, our friends and followers! When the submissions are done, we will put up a gallery/checkout where anyone can create a made-to-order zine for 6 bucks. All proceeds go to Gravy Studio.

- Curate Your Own Zine -
Gravy Studio 2017

We are again proud to be collaborating with Gravy Studio to create a series of bespoke zines in concert with their latest show of photographs; A Charming Form Of Government by Jessica Kourkounis and Ryan Collerd. The title is derived from the words of Plato and is as relevant in today’s society as when it was written … when date stamps still ended with BC...

"Democracy … is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequals alike."

The work is powerful, it is poignant, and now iconic with everything surrounding this tempestuous new administration. Join us at Gravy for the closing reception on February 25th to hear from the artists on what the grueling campaign meant for them, their work - and what challenges they now face, post election. Let us all come together and attempt to find solace in this new era of American politics.

Gravy also presents, Curate Your Own Zine!  We asked our community of artists to send us their photos and/or writing that evoke feelings about what is going on in America today; issues they are worried about, photos from protests, things they saw on the street, experiences from traveling, portraits, places, events, etc.  By sharing the artwork in this zine, we hope to create a collective view on how we want America to be seen and heard.

In the gallery below, we have collected a group of images via open call submissions, from which you may choose 10 images to include in your edit. Orders are typically assembled and shipped within a week of receipt. All sales will be donated to the ACLU of Pennsylvania.

Before you click Add To Cart, make a note of your 10 image numbers & how you'd like to sequence them. You'll need to enter them during checkout.

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